Thursday, January 15, 2009

Butterick B5100 Tunic Pattern

My daughter came down for my birthday and on Jan. 4 we went to Joann's craft store. I found a pattern in Butterick that I really wanted only they weren't on sale at the time. The retail price was $15.95. On sale they are usually $1.99 for Butterick. So I decided to wait until it was on sale again.
It's a tunic B5100 that I think will be the perfect backdrop for knitted or crocheted cowls, shawls and scarflets, like the leaf scarf I just finished crocheting. It would also be a little dressier than what I normally wear and I could wear it to interviews or meetings.

So then about a week later I was trying to move my bedroom chair when I realized something in a plastic bag was hung up on the chair legs. I finally got it worked loose and it was a bag with patterns in it. And one of them was the one I almost bought at Joann's. So I was really glad I didn't buy it. I know I'm not the only one that accidentally buys duplicate patterns.

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