Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Tiger Baby

About 3 AM this morning I was surfing the web and came across a video that triggered an old goal I had. Namely, to go a whole year and only wear clothing, accessories, shoes, handbags and fashions I'd either re-purposed, embellished, or created from scratch. So today I'm making the commitment. I wanted to dress that way today so I had to chose things I had on hand already in my wardrobe. So here is the look for day 1.

I have never worn these 3 pieces with each other. The skirt I made for a belly dancing costume. The t-shirt I painted for a dance group I was starting. The hair ties I made to sell on Etsy but never got around to listing them. Somehow the colors all work together and I feel fabulous in them.

The navy pumps were so damaged I'd actually thrown them away yesterday. But this morning I rescued them and started gluing on buttons and beads and odd bits of earrings. It's going to take me awhile.

The best thing is I feel fabulous and totally me!

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