Saturday, December 31, 2011

Three Layers

I have two DIY projects going on right now. I'm crocheting a multicolored sweater inspired by a retro crochet pattern book from the 80's.

And I'm also knitting a multicolored vest. Once I worked at Macy's and their dress code said always wear 3 or more layers to look more professional, like pants, skirt and jacket or skirt, blouse and vest. That stuck with me all these years and I thought I'd go back to doing that, especially in the colder months.

Yesterday I also bought new blank t-shirts. I'll decorate them in a way that means something to me and use them as part of my wardrobe. I'm thinking of using Solvie (dissolveable fabric) and use it to do some machine embroidery on some of the shirts. Here is a tutorial on Threadbanger.

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