Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pattern Piece

Me with the missing piece wearing the shirt.
I just went outside to get a photo of the shirt I'm making. I started thinking of where else I might have had my pattern pieces. I had cut the pattern out on the front porch.  I remembered one piece blowing off and landing under a rose bush and my boyfriend had picked it up on his way in the door. So I looked in that direction.  I mean I'd looked everywhere else right? And there it was, nestled behind the jade plant, under the window. It's been out there for days but it was still in good condition. Now I'm thankful that the automatic sprinklers under that bush are broken and it hasn't rained or anything. Whew. I was wearing the shirt with the cuffs still unfinished. And I snagged myself but good on the rosebush when I bent over to rescue the pattern piece.  Trapped! I slowly and carefully untangled myself. I wasn't worried about scratching myself...I was worried about ripping the shirt that's 90% done! 

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