Sunday, November 09, 2014

The Rest of the Month in Outfits

After my last  post, I realized I had almost a month's worth of fashions, so why not add more.  So here we go:

Steampunk It Out
Brown, Tan, Claret Red & Ivory

Hi-Cut Skirt in Claret with Ruffles
Ivory lace top with hi neck and long sleeves
Tan Bloomers
Brown messenger bag
Striped tan/white stockings
Hiking boots w/spats

Outfit 24
Rock It Out

Colors that coordinate with your t-shirt, denim blue

Favorite band t-shirt cut and slashed
Jeans with studs
Bandana headband
Hi-top sneakers
Opt. vest
Grungy art warmers

Outfit 25
Island Girl


Sarong dress
Real flower for hair
Sandals with seashell trim
Shell necklace or wire-wrapped seashell

Outfit 26
Camp Forevermore

Khaki, Tan, Olive Green

Khaki shorts
White kneesocks
Olive green kerchief tie
White P.E. style shirt with collar
Tan vest with merit patches
Hiking boots
Tan beret or slouchy hat

Outfit 27
Hatter’s Tea Party 

Baby blue, white, black

Mini top hat
Vest with teapot print
Blue checked blouse
Gathered skirt in baby blue
Shiny black flats
Opaque white stockings

Outfit 28
Floral Fantasy


Floral print dress
Big floppy hat in soft colors
Wedge sandals

Outfit 29

Silver, purple, black

Black shirt with spiral
Black gored skirt
Spiral beret
Black tights
Black ballet flats
Black frock coat (OPT.)

Outfit 30

Bright colors

Red and white striped stockings
Little hat with faux hard candy on it
Dress with little flounces on the sleeve cap and a flounce ruffle
Candy striped scarf
Red shoes with ankle strap

Outfit 31
Treble Cleft

Piano striped necktie
White patent leather purse with music notes
Black shoes like tap shoes w/o taps
Button down tuxedo shirt with music note cuff links
Black high waisted slacks.

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