Saturday, November 08, 2014

Twenty Two Outfits To Try

I just came up with 22 new outfit ideas. Maybe one of them will inspire you. I want to try them all. Remember, much of this can be thrifted or made yourself. Not only is that better on your pocketbook, but it keeps things out of the landfill.

Outfit 1
Crimes of Passion

Red, Purple & Black
Purple and red tiered skirt
A purple beret and red strappy heels
A black lace blouse with red roses on the collar
Red stockings
Red fingerless gloves

Outfit 2
 Bumblebee Love

Yellow & Black

Yellow silky blouse
Black pencil skirt
Black stiletto heels
Yellow stockings
A yellow Alice headband
Yellow and black bangles

Outfit 3
 Lady Bug Summers

Orange & Black

Orange dress with tiny black polka dots
Black Mary Janes
Orange and black hair bows or flowers
Black stockings

Outfit 4

Silver & Blue

Silver snood
Silver and blue metallic wrap around top
Royal blue slacks
Black ankle boots
Black lace wrist length fingerless gloves

Outfit 5
Boho Betty

Multicolored, brown, white

Multicolored Poncho style skirt with fringe
Granny square handbag
Brown Gypsy boots
Brown leather brimmed hat like in the ‘70’s
White lace angel blouse

Outfit 6
Nostalgic For Cords

Black & White 

Black fine cord pants
White stretch lace top over black lace bra
Black sandals
Pin curl bun with black hair sticks with panda bear on top

Outfit 7
Fairy Layers

Bronze, black, brown

Long knit dress in bronze
Silky vest in earth tones
Black lace overdress
Boots with laces
Boot toppers
Leg warmers in brown or taupe

Outfit 8
Checkerboard Queen

Black & White

Black and white checkerboard scarf
Black slouch cap
Black and white checkerboard vest
Full black skirt
Black and white heels
Black or white blouse

Outfit 9
Zebras On the Serengeti

Black & White

Zebra striped vest 
Sequined zebra striped hat
Black turtleneck
Black zebra yoga pants
One black sock, one white sock
White tennies

Outfit 10
Pink and Green Hint of Spring

Two colored scallop skirt in pink and green
Pink slouch cap
Pink blouse with bow and polka dots in green or white
White strappy sandals

Outfit 11
Pin-up 50’s

Red & Black
Fifties hair-do
Cat’s eye glasses
Tight red sweater
Tight red skirt
Retro black shoes
Red lipstick
Stockings with seams

Outfit 12
Wood Nymph

Green and tan
Green elf hat or Robin Hood hat
Green hair accents
Moss green tunic
Forest green leggings
Doeskin Elf boots

Outfit 13
Slytherin Girl

Green, Silver and Black

Wild teased hair with green streaks or faux dreads
Black eyeliner and eye shadow
Fishnet top
Green corset
Silver tulip skirt
Fishnet stockings
Black witchy boots
Spider and snake brooches
Spider fascinator

Outfit 14
Jungle Fever

Yellow, Brown, and Black
Mini dress in leopard print
Leopard print scarf
High ponytail
Black textured stockings
Black stilettos
Black wristlet purse
Marcasite earrings

Outfit 15
Grey Lady

Grey fedora
Pearl Grey tailored blouse
Steel grey pencil skirt with pinstripes
Silver stockings
Steel gray pumps
Gray fingerless gloves

Outfit 16
Urban Cowgirl

Red, Blue and Brown

Re-designed cowboy boots
With belts and beads and fringe around the bottom

Western blouse
Leather or denim vest
Jeans or a bandana fabric skirt

Outfit 17
Urban Pirate

Black and Red

Skull headscarf (long and fluttery)
Skull black leather vest
Gypsy skirt in dark panels
Poet skirt in black or red
Sash belt
Black knee high boots

Outfit 18

Blue and silver

Fascinator with stars
Tailored blouse with shoulder epaulets
Skirt with star appliques
Blue stockings
Star earrings
Silver ballet flats

Outfit 19
Prairie Girl

Red White Off-white

Calico print dress in a square dance style
Red booties
White gloves with buttons
Extra large shawl in off white

Outfit 20
Arty Offbeat

Bead strands in hair
Mini Dress with op art prints
Neon stockings (any color)
Short white go-go boots
Clear plastic handbag

Outfit 21
Set Sail

Red, white, and blue

Anchor print scarf
White blouse with sailor collar
Navy blue skirt with front plackets
Bright white deck shoes
Blue tights
Anchor earrings

USA Girl

Red, White and Blue

American flag print denim vest
Long sleeved blue t-shirt
Navy socks
Red sneakers
Peace sign earrings

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